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4 tools to COMBAT temptation.

Have you ever been so determined to lose weight that you GO ALL IN on your chosen weight loss program, you buy all of the things, read the book, flag all of the recipes and you even prep your meals? But THEN, you hit a bump in the road, and you are face to face with a serious temptation!

Perhaps you were ill-prepared, tired or simply not expecting to be faced with the meatball sandwich that suddenly sounds & smells irresistible. And then you eat it. Only to then feel guilt. And shame and self-loathing frustration. Has that ever happened to you? If you’re like me, you get INTO this hamster wheel and you feel like you can never get out. It’s always the same wheel, just a different diet. You might find yourself nodding your head at this point and relating to all of this. Or you may have a different dilemma, one where you can’t even prepare the food or get yourself organized. Whatever your limitation is, the answer is God. Here’s what you need to know. God is stronger than your temptation. Whether your temptation is to sit on the couch and NOT meal prep, or to give into every cheesecake you see, God is the answer. Now, get your pen out because I’m going to share with you how I coach my clients through this, and the tools I share for them to combat their worst temptations. (Be it laziness, an inability to cook or a strong craving for food). The following 4 things will help you combat temptation WITH GOD. (These are the Seeker tools that I share in The Seekers Method weight loss program.)

1. Look up Matthew 26:41.

In this scripture, Jesus TELLS us WHAT to do</