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Give what you have so God can give you what you don’t have…even in weight loss.

((If you click on that video, you can 'listen' to this blog entry as it was recorded into my podcast. My podcast, "EVEN IN WEIGHT LOSS with Sherrie Kapala" is not only available via all podcasting platforms, but it's ALSO now on YouTube. The best part about Youtube is you don't always HAVE to see my face. Cuz girl, I record/film these shows EARLY. But, in this video you get to watch Oscar. And I didn't edit it out. It's Oscar and my office in it's REAL state. Cuz I'm a real person. Okay...back to the blog if you're interested....)

Giving Jesus our weight loss goals is HARD STUFF. Which is why I have a weight loss program, I guess. I mean, understanding how to LITERALLY apply your faith to your weight loss is hard to understand but WOW is it powerful when you have the keys to unlock your faith, even on your weight loss journey.

This week as I was studying the gospels, I was drawn to the story of how Jesus fed the multitude. I am in awe of this story and couldn’t help but see how THIS has totally been my experience! When I set out to lose weight after 3 babies, at the age of 40, I couldn’t lose weight doing it the way the world told me to do. It didn’t matter how many points or calories I counted every single day, or how long I spent working out in the gym every morning, or how much I struggled through avoiding all of the sad foods and drinks. I was weak. I would struggle in the face of temptation. I was walking in a constant state of doubt and even fear that I’d become weight loss resistant. I often would quit my diet at least once a week. I would change to a new diet at least once every month or so. I even weighed in daily and weekly and that all led to me getting burnt out. The worlds way simply stopped working for me in weight loss with each passing year. But when God told me to seek him instead of the gym, I had no idea that he’d meet me ½ way on my journey. No idea. Because nobody ever told me that God would bless me, even in weight loss. I gave him what I had, I gave him the first part of my day, every day. I gave him my trust and belief in his word. And in exchange for all of that, he strengthened me. I gave him my frustration and doubts and he gave me evidence of his hand at work in my life. Not overnight physically but I could see him at work in me spiritually because I stepped into confidence with each repeated day. I began to be obedient with my food and with my life choices with progressively less effort day after day. And as I did this, he did what I could not do on my own. In John 6 there is the story of Jesus feeding 5000 people with just five loaves of bread and two fish. He took what was impossible for humans to do, and he did it in front of them. They gave him all they had, and he made it more than enough. So, what do you have to give him? Could you Give him your time and prioritize him over a gym? Could you give him your heart in believing that he can do what you struggle to do? Could you give him your trust that in believing his word, you might step into obedience to your meal plan? What could happen if you were to do this? I’ll tell you what could happen! If you were to give him just these things you will find yourself stepping into profound blessing! Give him your heart’s desire, that number on the scale, and he will give you more than you gave him. When I gave him all of these things, he not only blessed my weight loss but everything else in my life that I didn’t even realize I needed his touch. Even physical ailments that I was experiencing that were only able to be fixed by minor outpatient surgery or medication were healed. (Depression, diverticulitis & prolapse). Situations that seems impossible with human resources are simply an opportunity for God! Believe that! When you are facing a seemingly impossible task, do what you can and ask God to do the rest. He will if you ask him in complete belief. When Jesus told his disciples that they were going to feed 5000 people with just five loaves of bread and two fish, they couldn’t see how. We are the same way when thinking about seeking God for weight loss. But what we need to accept is that God isn’t asking us to see how. Our human nature just wants to know how. He wants us just to see HIM and to trust. So many of my clients are quick to give up seeking when skinny doesn’t happen overnight. Other client’s express doubts about my theories and practices of not working out until phase 3 of the program as they learn to prioritize God and meal prepping. A lot of them have been conditioned to believe that weight loss only comes from exercise. No. I teach women that God wants you to prioritize him over the gym. I tell my clients all the time that if you have time to work-out, but you do not have time to seek God, your priorities are misaligned. Don’t underestimate what God can do on your weight-loss journey. He knows how to make weight loss happen because after all, he designed you! He knows that many of you don’t have a weight problem at all. You have an obedience problem. “Obedience” to so many is seen from the wrong perspective. Many see obedience as giving up control and giving up choice instead of what it really is. Obedience is an act of faith. It is an expression of love and trust toward God. We limit God when we see obedience for what it takes from us. Approach weight loss as a Seeker with eyes of faith. Don’t focus on what you don’t want to give. Don’t focus on what you think you can’t give to him. Such as, how food tastes, the way that you crave its flavor, or the fullness you feel from eating pasta, or the comfort of grandmas apple pie, or the holiday treats that you find so much joy in, or any of your other food beliefs. Don’t focus and what you feel you can’t give to him.Jesus’s disciples didn’t see how Jesus could feed 5000 people with only five loaves & 2 fish. They weren’t seeing with their eyes of faith. We have so much to learn from this story! Don’t let your lack of ability to understand HOW HE can make you lose weight JUST by prioritizing him, to limit or stop you. Your inability to understand God’s ways and timing could blind you to his power! Jesus cares about your physical and spiritual needs in this life. You need to work out spiritually so you can have the strength physically to obey your meal plan. This is how you position yourself for a weight loss blessing. Give what you have so God can give you what you don’t have. The boy in the story gave his five loaves and two fish. So, what is in your basket? Can you give him 20 minutes every day and your trust more completely? Can you give him your goal weight? Can you give him the scale? When I did this, he took what I gave him and BLESSED ME. My 5 loaves & 2 fish were my time, timetable, priorities, comfort, faith and trust & the scale. He blessed me with so much more that I still have leftovers even today. He can take what little you have to give and turn it into something great. This is how he meet us halfway on the narrow path. I encourage you to give him what you can today. Identify your five loaves and two fish. And then give it to him. And when you do it with your whole heart, and with complete trust, surrendering your timetable, watch what he will do in return. Even in weight loss.


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