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How thoughts keep us fat.

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I'm never going to lose the weight!" Wow. I used to think & believe that SO MUCH when I was struggling to lose weight. And back then, I didn't know how to take my thoughts captive and make them obedient to God's word. I had no idea how much what I was thinking was feeding my feelings and my beliefs in what I couldn't do! Ha! It's so obvious to see now.

Too bad we can't live life in reverse, right? What the OLD ME didn't know was that the more I put my belief in what I couldn't do the more I would succeed at living life according to what I believed! God showed me how to take thoughts like this and to take them captive. To see that these sorts of thoughts are not from God. This was a defeating thought that limited me and kept me stuck in my fat pants for YEARS! But once measured against God's word, I saw the truth, and found the door to the house of bondage that I had been living in! I was able to see the truth and the truth was that I could DO ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthened me. And that Not only should I take thoughts captive, but I needed to MAKE THEM OBEDIENT. And that meant believing a new thought. That new thought became, "I'm going to lose this weight and become who I know God intends for me to become!"


My encouragement for you today is to take those unseen thoughts captive now. And make those NEW thoughts fuel your every day thinking as you produce AMAZING, visible consequences of thinking great things! ...even in weight loss!


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