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HOW your weight loss can make your faith stronger!

What do you do when you don’t see the weight loss results that you were expecting?

As a Seeker vs a dieter, it can be hard to live in the physical world sometimes. Especially when your results are contrary to your efforts, hopes, and expectations. Right? When I was trying to lose weight, I used to run to the wrong foods or even alcohol when my effort wasn’t reflected according to my timeline. I remember going weeks or even months and finding myself feeling defeated when the results ON THAT SCALE were contrary to my expectations. I remember stepping on the scale and feeling hope fade from my body as if somebody had drained my body of all hope. For a great season of my life, all my effort yielded results below my expectations. And then, I would indulge and FEED my hopelessness vs. working to restore it. I would go to the wrong foods, and I would walk through my days with the wrong thoughts influencing my decisions. I would wallow in disappointment, feeling hopeless in my weight loss. And that’s when I would start a cycle of defeat. I would shop for a new diet. I would put my hope in that new diet, and I would start again. Only to just repeat the same cycle of defeat repeatedly. I used to put my faith in a weight loss program. And every time, that new program inevitably failed me!! So, here’s what I’ve learned. And what God is ministering to my heart to share with you today. Faith belongs to God, not a diet. When we put our faith in a diet, we are worshiping and trusting something that cannot deliver anything. We become loyal to a system and dilute our faith in a way that weakens us. This was my truth, until God. The minute I put my faith in him, things changed in my life.


(And in that order!)

The biblical definition of faith is that faith is a reliance. It is a loyalty. To be faithful means firm adherence to something/someone. When I started being faithful to God’s word, weight loss happened. It meant I had to drop the desire to just diet and just get skinny for the world, and for the world’s standards. And instead, I picked up the desire to walk out my faith and apply it to my life. In every area. Even in weight loss. And that made my faith stronger. My faith in what God could do in me, according to his timeline. In HIS ways. Through obedience; Yielding to the Holy Spirit’s constant promptings. (Which I’d previously ignored). Even when I didn’t want to; I yielded.

I am now forever transformed because I invested my faith in the right economy. I invested it in God’s economy, and it didn’t return void like the dieting economy had!

Isaiah 7:9, says, “Unless your faith is firm, I cannot make you stand firm.”

My encouragement for you today, is to put your faith in God. Not a diet. He will strengthen you when you feel defeated and powerless. He will give you power when you feel weak. A diet cannot do any of that. But God can! Let him use your weight-loss journey to make your faith firm; stronger in him…Even in weight loss!



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