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Instead of weight loss; focus on THIS!

This morning I woke up with the song, “We are made in the image of God” by We are Messengers. You’ve likely heard it?? It occurred to me as I ‘heard’ it play in my head that we are made in the image of God. But being made in his image does not mean we actually have a

Physical resemblance to our father.

I do confess, that in my motherhood, I very likely have told my children that they were made in God’s image and that means that we look like him. But this isn’t something I’ve given much thought as an adult. The Bible says that being made in his image means ‘that we have a God-given likeness or reflection; a tangible or visible representation of our father.’ To me, this morning, as I did my exercise and chewed on this beautiful thought, it occurred to me that my resemblance of my father, is likely only an internal resemblance. Now I know, you likely might be laughing especially because this is probably something you’ve already figured out. But this was all impressed upon my heart as I was waking up. I mean, knowing that I resemble my father used to mean that I thought God had two eyes, nose, and two years. But it is evident, as we read through the Bible, that that is truly not what his word says. In fact, I now feel his light within us, is our true resemblance. Made in God’s image means we walk around with HIS light in us. We resemble our father in characteristic, behavior, strength, love, etc. When people see us, Christians, they should see our family resemblance in a multitude of ways. I loved reading about how Moses spent so much time with God that when he came down off of Mount Sinai, God’s glory was visible on him! He had spent 40 days and 40 nights up there with God. And his face was radiant according to Exodus 34:29. When you and I spend time with God, we reflect his character. We exude HIS spirit. This all comes from marinating in Him. There isn’t any area of your life that is exempt when you are reflecting your father from within you. It has been my experience that suddenly you may find yourself able to do the things that you had previously been unable to do. You find yourself asking God for guidance in all areas, and then simply trusting the direction you receive in your heart from him. You just suddenly have an impression or a knowing and what to do. You begin to find that by simply obeying that still small voice, things suddenly get easier, yes, even food choices. Even your desire to prep or avoid temptation! What if, instead of trying to lose weight, you tried to work on your resemblance? What if you tried to simply focus on living out everything the Bible tells you about who you are, and the promises that were made to you therein? God’s GRACE enables you to trust Him and provide for you ALL that you need to do all that He’s willed for YOUR LIFE. But in order to activate this PROFOUNDLY, it will require that you see that you are MADE in His image and thus, can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you…not via your own might or willpower.

What if instead of trying to lose weight, you now try to work on whose image you were made in? I encourage you to develop your trust IN HIM, consciously, as you pursue becoming more like Christ in every way even in your weight loss efforts. Example: If you are FREE from the power of Sin; You CAN say NO to the wrong foods! If you have His strength inside of you, YOU CAN say YES to doing the hard things you may not want to do! Right? It has been MY personal experience than when I GIVE GOD my Trust; He gives me what I need, when I need it. There is NO area of your life that is exempt from His grace. So see yourself as being MADE in the Image of God and step into the fullness of what that truly means for you…even in weight loss!


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