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Keep doing THIS for weight loss!

When I was STRUGGLING to lose weight it was because I was A CHRONIC QUITTER! I couldn't go a week without a cheat. I'd always cheat somehow, even if only a small cheat. I would 'reason' my choices and continues to allow them. NOT EVEN SEEING how they were destroying my hope and keeping me stuck. Keeping me imprisoned. I kept doing WRONG things and kept getting a WRONG result. I couldn't 'see' this, though. My 'reasons' were just so convincing. I believed the lies I told myself. Things like, "It's been a tough week, I deserve this ice cream." or, "Today was HORRIBLE, I need a bottle of wine to get me through this!" or, "It's only Christmas once a year, I'm going to allow myself to eat Christmas cookies and then I'll just start my weight loss again in January." I CONSTANTLY did this. And because I did it so often, I got REALLY good at it. Until God woke me out of my slumber and showed me just how much I'd been so weak without him. It wasn't until I read 1 Peter 1:16 that I learned that I was to BE HOLY because God is Holy. And that THIS applied to me...even in weight loss! But how? How is through understanding that I COULD be holy when I lived righteously. And that living righteously is really as simple as MAKING right choices. At any given moment, WE KNOW WHAT TO DO.

We JUST don't want to do it! RIGHT? My encouragement for you today is to apply righteousness to your life, even in weight loss. MAKE right choices every day, every hour, until you get a right result. It is that simple. It's not EASY, but it IS simple. And when it's not easy, that's where God comes in! Go to HIM instead of that cake, wine or even that Christmas cookie. And soon, as you KEEP doing this, you WILL have a RIGHT RESULT. Even in weight loss!


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