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My 2 best weight loss tips.

I wasted SO much time drinking wine, chasing weight loss and pursuing this world that it sometimes bums me out. BUT! God is using what was meant to harm me FOR HIS good! Before God, I was just a mom, dieting, self-medicating and teaching my kids and family how to be dependent on the world for the world. Since God, I am able to confidently say that I'm showing them how and why to live for God. When I couldn't lose weight, I was seriously blue. I know that's not everyone's truth, but it was mine. I felt stuck in a body that I couldn't control. I was weak and gave into any and every temptation that came my way. Even as I stepped into my Life Coaching Training, I struggled. Until God. The minute I surrendered my life and stopped worshiping the things of this world, I truly began to become someone new. I NEVER knew that being a Christian could mean such freedom! If you're a Christian and you're NOT living in freedom, I hope you'll follow me on my journey as I share how I boldly TRUST every single word in the Bible and LIVE IT OUT. I'm finally becoming who God intended for me to be and I had no idea that a byproduct of my surrender would be losing my belly fat. I mean, all of it. Not over night. Not without a struggle. Not without BIG CHANGES either. What I do know is that God desires to restore and heal you and He'll give you the desire and power to step into restoration and healing if you'll just do what I and obey...even in weight loss!


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