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Weight loss Anxiety!

Every time I started a new diet, I KNEW my biggest obstacle was going to be NOT eating THE WRONG foods. The foods I loved. The foods I CRAVED. The foods & beverages (Cabernet Franc) that DEFINED me. I didn't know it THEN, but I begun to get SO hyper focused on food to the point that our lives were lived AROUND my 'diet de jour'. I HAD to know what was on the menu before we went to a restaurant, so I could FOCUS on what I could eat and enjoy so I could talk myself into going despite not being able to eat all of the foods I knew and loved. And most of the time, nearly inevitably, I'd cheat on my diet while we were at the restaurant. I'd order my dinner and then TOTALLY eat from Harry's it didn't count or something!? Have you ever done that!? No wonder I CONSTANTLY worried about NOT losing weight. I had reason to worry because I was REALLY GOOD AT CHEATING! But then, God stepped in. He woke me up and rattled me to such a point that it KNOCKED that cheaters mentality RIGHT OUT of my life. And how I did it, is no joke, from reading His word EVERY SINGLE DAY and then...TRUSTING IT! This scripture is for you if you worry about what you'll eat, drink, or how you'll feel if you don't get to eat or drink what you want. If you actually look this's a sign that you're ready to trust God in this area of your life. But! Don't just read this scripture, look it up, read it and finish it by saying to yourself, "Even in weight loss!" And then...get excited because if YOU HAVE THE ABILITY to read God's word you may just have what it takes TO BELIEVE IT! God changed my life by helping me to see that His word applied to EVERY part of my life, even the food and obedience part. So I encourage you today to GO and look up this scripture. See IF YOU can find peace & comfort as you read it and finish it with...even in weight loss.


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