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What happens when God takes something away.

I Shot out of bed with LOADS of energy today which is an absolute shock because of what ALL I did yesterday. Yesterday I HAD to clean out the basement. Barbie dolls, legos and nerf bullets had taken over and it was AWFUL. Even more awful than I’m describing because Landon had STASHES of candy & chips hidden in random places. (No wonder the dogs love to hang out with him!) Yesterday I was short on energy and FILLED with frustration. And I could feel my frustration and disappointment boiling. “I am too tired for this, and the kids are too old for this! I thought. And so I sat in a chair and prayed Isaiah 40:29-31. (My Power of The Spirit Scripture.) I asked God for renewed strength and power to do what I needed WITH a LOVING AND GENTLE heart. And then it happened...I stepped out in my faith, in the direction of my prayer and received what I prayed for. Sure, I had a 2nd afternoon cup of coffee which I now normally avoid. But yesterday was a 2nd cup of coffee kinda day. In fact, I sipped it as Landon and I took a break and played a game alone. A break in the chaos. And as I moved about the day, I had what I prayed for despite not feeling it at first. And now, our basement is beautiful because of God’s grace!

It took me all day but while it TOOK me all day, it gave me so much. Yesterday showed me just how much HE PREPARES US. Had I not given up drinking a pot of coffee per day, 3 weeks ago when I FELT the Holy Spirit telling me to do, I might have been a lunatic yesterday. I might have been frazzled and a poor Represenative of God to my family. To my husband. BUT! God prepared me and allowed that 2nd cup to be what I needed. Instead of running to caffeine, I ran to God. That’s all He wants. And then!!! He wants us to trust IN HIM. I’m still blown away at His goodness. His nearness. His blessings…if we will just ask!! Run to God instead of the substance that gives you empty promises and sorrowful consequences. Run to God. And then, walk out of your prayer time REPRESENTING HIM! Ladies, if I, a former idolatrous food, alcohol and caffeine abuser can do this; YOU CAN TOO.

If He's taking something away from you, it's because He knows something you don't know!

He can't GIVE YOU SOMETHING NEW, if you're hanging on to something old...even in weight loss!


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