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What I did New Years Day, a few years ago, to lose the weight.

I am SO excited for 2021! Not because of anything I've pinned on a Vision Board, or because I have a renewed sense of dedication to my weight loss goals according to the calendar, but because MY HOPE, TRUST AND FAITH are in What God Can do through me...if I truly just step into DOING the hard things required of me.

Look at this picture from 2017. It's a FB post from 12/31/2017.

In 2017 I was overweight. I was escaping the hard things in life with food stories & alcohol and I was DESPERATE for change. In 2017 I was learning to crucify my flesh so I could stop trusting my feelings that kept me stuck in those stretchy fat pants. In 2017 I STRUGGLED A LOT. And then something happened. I DECIDED to EMBRACE THE STRUGGLE. I DECIDED that in order to arrive at my destination I had to DO THE WORK. I SAW that I was wondering in the weight loss wilderness and that it was TIME to SNAP out of it. But it required my decision.

I had to decide EVERY single minute. hour. day. week. month. I had to keep practicing obedience in the spirit because my flesh was (is) strong and my memory of flavor/taste/fullness was still fresh. I failed a lot in 2017. and in 2018. and in 2019. and in 2020. But as I look back, I see now how I FAILED FORWARD as I narrowed the path I was on. I accepted Grace. I trusted HIM slowly and at that same pace, slowly, I stepped OUT of mediocrity and INTO my Destiny. My destiny REQUIRES ME TO BE STRONG. And the only way I could start stepping into stronger was ALONG the narrow path, where God could AND DID strengthen me.

I HOPE you might see that my journey to weight loss was HARD. It required that I do hard things EVERY. SINGLE DAY.

Even when I didn't want to do hard things.

Even when I wanted to sit on the couch.

Even when I wanted to EAT THE PIZZA.

Or when I wanted to celebrate with wine. or cake.

Or when I wanted to wake up skinny.

Or when I wanted to choose a new, quicker weight loss plan.

Every day I CHOSE GOD. I chose HIS narrow path. I received His grace for my human mistakes. I responded to HIS conviction with action and a commitment to progress IN HIM over perfection in my own worldly expectations.

Every day I chose God's way. And now, as I look back, I hardly remember THE DIFFICULTY.

And yet, I have the RESULTS now for the effort I invested then.

I pray you'll LET GOD change you in 2021. I pray you'll embrace doing HARD THINGS. I pray you'll surrender your cravings and desire for easy and crucify your flesh EVERY SINGLE DAY.

LET GOD CHANGE YOU, one minute, hour, day; one decision at a time...even in weight loss!!


In case you're new to me, I'm a Christian Life Coach for Weight Loss. For years now I've had a Weight Loss Coaching Program called The Seeker's Method. It's a private ONLINE community for Christian Women. For 90 days, inside of 'TSM', I guide you through a program that is unlike anything I've ever seen. I like to tell new clients that it's Weight Loss meets daily devotional. God has equipped me, through my own weight loss journey, to read his word and apply it to weight loss. It's an unusual gift that I didn't see coming, and yet, it's freeing MANY women from their weight loss prison.

If you'd like to know more, I would encourage you to look for me on YouTube, or to peruse my Professional Coaching Page via my website.

If you'd like to know more about The Seeker's Method for weight loss...

The Seeker's Method for weight loss STARTS on January 11th

BUT there's a week of free coaching that begins on January 4th. It's all virtual and it's ALL POWERFUL.

So if you're someone who wants to deepen your faith and allow God to help you release the weight...I encourage you to consider learning more, and/or enrolling for the program via the links in the comments section.

Sign up today, we start on Monday January 4th for ONE week of Free Coaching. This is your chance to see what it’s like to be coached by a Christian Life Coach for weight loss.

Then, the FULL program begins, for 90 days, on January 11th.


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