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What to change when weight loss is HARD.

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Have you ever heard that song by big daddy weave, called, the lion and the lamb? Such a beautiful song. But if you’ve never read the Bible all the way through, it might be an area that you don’t understand. In the book of revelation, specifically chapter 5, the apostle John shares with us his vision that he received from Jesus. And in this vision, John begins to go on a journey through what appears to be heaven. And while he’s there, He sees the judgment of the earth as it manifests through the reading of what is written on the scrolls. Now I know this is deep, and I encourage you to spend time in the book of revelation if you’ve never done so, or if it’s been a while. But as John watches the goings on in heaven, the scrolls are presented in heaven as the judgement for earth. And then everybody around him quickly observes how there is nobody in heaven Who is worthy to actually break the seals to open and read what is inside the scrolls. And John begins to get sad. It says that he even weeps. Until it is brought to his attention that the lion of the tribe of Judah is there and he is able to read the scrolls. And as he stops weeping and looks up, he sees a slaughtered lamb. And the slaughtered lamb is worthy to read the scrolls. It’s a powerful story, this vision in revelation. Incredibly confusing, especially when taken out of context. But there’s so much insight in this scenario and I can’t wait to share with you how it relates to you on your weight loss journey. I know you’re probably wondering how exactly it might pertain to you!? Revelation 5 teaches us that Jesus Christ is pictured as both the lion of Judah and the lamb who was sacrificed. The lion symbolizes his power and authority. While the lamb symbolizes his submission to Gods will. And this is where you and I come in. Think about that for a quick sec. Jesus is pictured as both a lion and a lamb. The lamb is helpless & symbolizes how Jesus Christ submitted to God‘s will. The lion symbolizes the power and authority that comes through that submission to Gods will. Submission to God gives you power and authority even in weight loss, but it will require sacrifices even and especially while you are weak at the beginning of your journey. Because even when we are weak, we need God‘s strength to overcome everything on the narrow path. His strength increases daily in us through our obedience. You must pray and then practice. Don’t simply pray and disobey. Whatever you practice; you get good at doing. So, when you pray for God to help you, obediently walk in the direction of that prayer. THAT IS HOW YOU PRACTICE OBEDIENCE. Your flesh will want this to all be easy. I am telling you now, that while you are in a state of being lamb like, it will not be easy. When you first begin your weight-loss journey you are as helpless as a lamb in a battle. But that season isn’t the season for battling; it’s the season for sacrifice. It is only through the process of crucifying your flesh that you will rise as a lion even in weight loss. Jesus is your example. Christ the lion is victorious because of what Christ the lamb has already done! And Jesus Christ is your teacher! He is your example! If you want to be stronger during your weight-loss journey focus on what God might be doing through you, for you, and for his glory, EVEN on your weight-loss journey! Just as Jesus taught us, you will be as weak as a lamb before you can be as strong as a lion to overcome that sin that so easily trips you up on the narrow path. Just like Jesus, you have access to your father during the lamb stage of your journey. He is waiting for you to seek him, even in weight loss. When you see the candy bowl on the kitchen island or on your receptionists’ desk; PRAY! My encouragement for you today is to identify where you are weak on this journey. Pay attention to your self-talk around food and begin to crucify all of it! Let it be a process that you consciously plan out. And then day by day, go deeper. Crucify it more and more. That is you submitting to God‘s will and crucifying the flesh’s control over your life. And as you seek God through all of this, he will strengthen you. And in that season of strengthening, you will step into power and authority over your flesh, over your food stories. Transitioning from a lamb to a lion is a process that requires time, trust, and obedience to God! Not the God of your stomach. So, let Jesus be your example. Humbly seek as you learn what to sacrifice on your journey to crucifying the lusts of your flesh. And soon, you too will rise in power and authority over your old self, as you begin to witness that you have the strength of a lion living within you. Remember, Christ the lion is victorious because of what Christ the lamb has already done. That lion lives within you… Even in weight loss.


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