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God & The Scale.

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Have you ever heard that song by Jeremy Camp called, “Keep me in the moment”? Every lyric is powerful, but listen to this particular set of lyrics, “Oh Lord, keep me in the moment. Help me live with my eyes wide open…I don’t wanna miss what you have for me! Lord, show me what matters. Throw away what I’m chasing after cause I don’t wanna miss what you have for me!

What stands out to me is how He asks God to throw away what He’s chasing after because he doesn’t want to miss what God has for Him. Wow. If only I would have been BOLD enough to have prayed that prayer YEARS ago! For YEARS my eyes were SHUT to what God had for me because I was chasing after weight loss. I was chasing a number on the scale to tell me how well I was doing in life as my measure of progress and success. I was so focused on how well I was doing with eating and working out and my every single day’s joy hinged on the number on that scale.

The scale dictated my joy. I wanted the scale to dictate my motivation and willpower too, but it actually weakened me somehow? It contributed to the sadness I was feeling as I stepped into yet another pair of my fat pants that STILL made me look pregnant. It was like the scale and the pants kept ganging up on me. And I was stuck. I couldn’t lose weight at all. In fact, as I stepped out of my 30’s, I started to GAIN WEIGHT even with all of my weight loss efforts. Until God. When I prayed and asked Him to show me HOW to lose weight, I was guided to WRITE a weight loss program. And guess what step#1 was that I heard from God? To Hide the scale. And wouldn’t you know…this ‘advice’ is the most disobeyed component of my coaching program now. LOL. A lot of women struggle to break the bond that they have to the scale citing different reasons for why they need it. Many profess that they need it to show them how well they’re doing or if they are making progress. Others have shared that they like to chart their progress because their brains are scientifically wired. Whatever their reason is, they still step on the scale with some degree of frequency. And while I don’t FORCE them to NOT step on it, I only encourage that they not focus on it. But here’s the thing. I see a difference between the women who don’t weigh in, even more so than I do in the women who do weigh themselves. There. I said it. As an outsider to all of them, I see the spiritual and physical changes that happen when a woman switches her focus from the scale, to God. This has always been something I have kept to myself and had NEVER even planned on sharing this observation. Until God.

You see, until now, I’ve NEVER known WHY God asked me to stop weighing myself. I NEVER KNEW. I just heard it and obeyed it. Okay…So, let me take you back to what happened to me last week. Last week as I laid out my morning Bible Study, I opened the bible just randomly and set it on my desk before me. As I completed my morning prayer time, my eyes were drawn to the pages I’d opened the bible to. It wasn’t calculated, it was just opened. I reached for my bible with the intention to turn to Romans, where my study was focused for the day. And then I saw what I can only explain as something God INTENDED FOR ME TO SEE.

Proverbs 11:1 “The Lord detests the use of dishonest scales, but he delights in accurate measurements.” INSTANT JAW DROPPING MOMENT.

Immediately I received a download of conviction. Conviction that God wanted me to share this scripture and help women to see just how The Lord sees the scale.

And so, I began to journal. Journaling what it all meant to me in that moment and what I could feel being impressed upon my heart. And then, I walked away from it for a week. In that week I began to chew on how this was COMPLETELY taken out of context from the intention of the scriptures. But God began to speak to my heart about it today. And now…here I am a week later, sharing it with you. In my heart I heard God confirm to me that He detests any scale or any means of measurement that inaccurately expresses worth or value according to the worlds standards and measures and reflects a dishonest means of success to what really matters. Especially if that scale becomes someone’s focus. If that scale becomes so valued, that people run to IT to tell them what to value and focus on in their life. Wow. Until this scripture, I never knew why God told me to “Seek Him and not a # on the Scale”. But now I know. Ok, back to that song that I shared at the beginning. The line that says, “Throw away what I’m chasing after, I don’t wanna miss what you have for me!” This. God had me throw away the scale because it kept me from receiving what HE had for me. The scale kept me from assessing whether or not I was being successful, according to WHAT the WORLD said was a measure of success even in weight loss. The number. But when I threw it away…I began to step into my knowing. My trusting. Into Spiritual maturity. I began to LISTEN to my body and I could ‘chart’ my progress based upon what I knew to be true & what I was learning as I stepped into TRUSTING GOD. And what I knew was that I was obeying God and I was NO longer distracted by a number that had taken my life’s focus! My focus was ON HIM and soon I began to see a change. At first, I was aware of an internal change, but the external change soon followed. And when I was struggling with a bad day because I KNEW I’d ‘cheated’ on my meal-plan or had slipped into an old habit, or gave in to temptation, I received His mercy and even HIS strength. INSTEAD of my self-loathing self-talk which was LIKELY influenced by the enemy. When I sought the number on the scale every day, or at least with a HIGH degree of frequency, it told me my value and worth. But the minute I stopped seeking that scale, God told me my value and worth AND…AND!!!! He empowered and motivated me in a way that scale NEVER could. And what God HAD FOR ME, that the scale couldn’t reflect or measure, was internal transformation; Spiritual Maturity. God wanted me to obey Him. Not because He wanted me skinny, but because I had an obedience problem. And that obedience problem led me to a weight problem. God saw where I was heading, and it wasn’t what He had for me. It meant I had to learn to listen to my body and to seek His feedback, not the scales. Each morning I now assess and ‘chart’ my progress based upon my obedience. I don’t need a number, a dishonest means of value meant to keep me tethered to the world and accessible to the enemy, to tell me how I’m doing anymore. I need to impress upon your heart today that God has something for you, for your future. And it’s on the other side of your obedience. It may seem crazy that your obedience to your meal plan is something that God could have planned for you, but the point is, you DON’T KNOW WHAT GOD HAS PLANNED FOR YOU! If you have a weight problem, you likely have an obedience problem. And if you lean in and trust God, instead of your flesh, your cravings, you may just find obedience begins to get easier. And from that you start to see how weight loss becomes a BYPRODUCT. It just happens. And, along the way you start to BECOME someone new. The woman HE meant for you to be ALL ALONG! Not a woman looking down and allowing the numbers between her feet to tell her how to live and whether or not she’s doing a good job. NO. He wants to change you NOW for something GREATER that you don’t know about yet, in your future. There’s another line in that song that left an impression on my heart; “I’ve been thinking lately about how maybe I could make a change and LET YOU could change me.” What if YOU made a small change, eliminating the scale, and what if that change, changed you? Let’s face it, our ways are not God’s ways. But what I know for sure is the scale is the world’s way! Who you are becoming is SO much more important THAN just being thin! LET God to change you. It will require trust and obedience. And it may just be the thing you need, that you’ve not yet realized you needed! My encouragement for you today is that you pray and seek God’s opinion on the scale. Does He really detest it? It may be that He detests what it’s doing to you and how it’s turned your focus from Him; to the world. Ask Him to help you live with your eyes wide open and to throw away what you’re chasing after because You don’t want to miss what he has for you. Wow. If only I would’ve been bold enough to pray that years ago. I could’ve done SO much more for His Kingdom. It’s not too late for you…even in weight loss!


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